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It’s Friday and that means sharing your FAV.

You know the drill ladies, I’m back with another round of my recent faves. And if I do say so myself, these ones are especially fun.

I have been embracing time in the pool with my kids, because Jacob is under 6 I have to swim with him.
(If you want info on my affordable underwater camera click here for the details)

underwater camera love


Favorite DIY Décor (this typography light box idea from Oh Joy!):




Favorite Makeover (these doggy before-and-after’s shot by Grace Chon with grooming by Koko Fukaya & Cameron Adkins at Healthy Spot are the best thing I’ve seen all week):





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A definition of success.

“Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth” – Henry David Thoreau
The Oxford Dictionary has four definitions for success:

The accomplishment of an aim or purpose:
The attainment of fame, wealth, or social status
A person or thing that achieves desired aims or attains fame, wealth, etc
The good or bad outcome of an undertaking

Lately I have been thinking more about the topic of success – it’s one that comes up so often the conversations I have with my friends and creative peers.

I have shared previously my feelings that I just want to run in the direction of what feels most fulfilling and meaningful to me, and I don’t think there’s a more honest way for me to describe how I feel about work and life.

Why don’t value success in the traditional way that the Oxford Dictionary and at many times society – does? After talking with so many people, I’ve found I’m not the only one embracing an different approach when it comes to defining what success means.
Ultimately, I think the traditional definition of success just does not feed my soul in a way that offers any long term fulfilment and joy – for me, the traditional markers of success feel way more about how the world perceives us than it does how we feel ourselves about our life and work along the way.

Worrying about whether or not we’re “successful”, compromising our health, relationships, and wellbeing to reach traditional markers of success, ignoring our own values and intuition so we can pursue the validation of others instead, and building a life on someone else’s vision instead of our own can be some of the most sure-fire ways to find ourselves with a life that is exhausting and unfulfilling instead of the joyful life so many of us crave.


It’s not my place to tell you how to define success, I couldn’t think of anything worse I could do with these letters than tell you how to live your life and feel about it along the way. Instead, today I want to share with you my own alternative approach to success, the things that have shaped it along the way, and ultimately how I’m finding peace in a world where sometimes it’s easy to just not feel good enough every single day.

Contentment: Do I feel satisfied in my day-to-day life? Even with the stressors and challenges that cannot be avoided in life, do I feel content with how I am spending my days?

  • Purpose: Do I feel like my life is bigger than just myself and my own needs? Do I feel like I am contributing to the world in a way that fulfils my higher purpose in life?
  • Passion: Am I excited about my endeavours – both in work and in life? Do I feel enthusiastic about the things I am filling my days with?
  • Joy: Do I feel happiness in my life? It doesn’t have to be every single second of every single day, but do I find joy and pleasure in my life on a regular basis?
  • Personal growth: Am I staying open to changing, evolving, and growing along the way in my life? Am I pushing myself to become the best version of myself?
  • Devotion: Am I committed to the things in my life that are important to me? I am giving 100% to the endeavours and relationships that I want to prioritise in my life?
  • Peace: Do I feel at peace in my day-to-day life, even when things may not be going as hoped and planned? Am I staying connected to my core values so that I can live an intentional and intuitive life along the way?
  • Authenticity: Am I showing up, in both my work and life, fully and 100% myself? Am I owning my story and living in my truth?IMG_1338

Some of these may resonate with you, some of these may not. These are just my own markers for how I redefine success in my own work and life – and it’s good to note that I don’t always  live up to these every single day. As always, life and this messy journey of being human is always a work in progress.

So I ask you, what does your “redefining success” list look like? What are the questions you’d love to ask yourself when those fears of “am I successful?” and “am I good enough?” start to creep in?

Watch this to see me give you too much information, D I S C L A I M E R I swear and say penis (a lot).





angela stone

Daggers in the Stone

Dear dear Angela, I don’t doubt that you are probably the nicest lady there.
As a longtime watcher of The Real Housewives of well everywhere, I can see where you are going wrong.

Here is my advice to you. (even though realistically it’s probably too late cos filming is already done?)

You look to be trying too hard to come across demure, kind and friendly.  I think you are fixated on the attack – STOP, relax.     You had a great deal of sympathy last night (from the shitty plus sized comment) but this constant going after Gilda will soon turn from bad to worse.
Remember, Easy G is from the land of AK47s – well uhm not actually Russia is the land of the AK47s and Gilda is from Iran, Am I right?  Regardless you won’t win, she is fierce – her words are verbal bombs assaulting you and I don’t think she’s a storm you can weather.

People will say you are a bit thick because of your, what would seem as consistent wide-eyed smiles but I chose to believe you might be just a bit in over your head, and when you are unsure of what to say out comes that beaming smile.   Also, I’m no wordsmith but I think you meant cathartic, not lethargic x
You acted a bit prematurely tonight, you could have kept whatever the bleeped out accusation about Gilda was under your hat for a few more episodes, you need to stop and analyses every move – knowledge is power in the land of The Real Housewives.

See my first post about The Real Housewives of Auckland here.






The Real Housewives of Auckland – First Impressions cunt

I am no newbie to the Real Housewives Franchise, I have put together some comments about the first episode that screened earlier tonight.

  • I was pleasantly surprised to see The Real Housewives of Auckland keeping to the winning formula, it looks well produced and not a shitty knockoff like The Bachelor was.
  • Louise as narrator really was like the head girl of the group, trying to keep everyone in line and remaining dignified while she did it
    The real housewives of auckland louise
  • Angela is gorgeous and well aware of the cameras and how people perceive her, her tears seemed real
  • I think that Michelle and Gilda have well and truly cemented themselves as villains for the season, all for one low plus size model comment (which in real life, real life not RHOAKL life would have been scoffed off, I am sure)
  • Holy shit Michelle got balls,
  • Anne had me at cat lady.
  • OMG Annes laugh is amazing.
  • Loved it, a good combination of bitchy, jaw dropping, humor and general over the toppedness



Real Housewives of Auckland, you have me hook, line and sinker.  Don’t ever let me go.






underwater camera love

Underwater Camera FUN.

Last weekend I ordered an underwater camera from Trade Me.   My kids are absolutely obsessed with swimming so I wanted to capture some footage of that, especially since Jacob can swim (omg my 3-year-old can SWIM).


As my kids grown older, capturing that pool fun is more challenging  above water. They are constantly underwater doing somersaults, diving for rings, and holding their breath.  I hear them say, “LOOK MUM, what I can do,” I look but I can’t really see the magic that is going on underwater… until NOW!

I decided I probably wasn’t alone in the quest for underwater memories of my little human-fish swimmers so I made Google my friend and did a little research and testing myself on some underwater cameras.  Let me start off by saying I am not affiliated with this product, I just love to share with you when we find cool stuff that WORKS!

I always choose what i purchase based on affordability and functionality,  This camera was compared to the Go Pro in reviews, but was much cheaper, I paid $114 incl postage (NZD of course)

You can see it here.

After all is said and done, I’m over the moon now that we have some underwater memories of my kids plus some fun new toys to play with,
I hope this inspires you to get a little playful with some underwater memories with your children.  Remember they are only little for so long.

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