4 Things that are annoying me right now.

There are currently 4 things in this world that really annoy the shit out of me.
1. The rain – like seriously just eff off. I hung out 3 loads of washing and the kids were happily playing outside and then it rained. So now my house looks like a Chinese laundry and the kids are getting on each others nerves.

2. Well, it’s not really nice people that annoy me, it’s those overly nice, “always interested to hear what you have to say” people. The problem is they’re not genuine. They’re phony. Here are some things these people say that grate on me, because I know the person saying it doesn’t mean it.

How are you?
Are you all right?
Have a nice day.
Good to see you. (No it isn’t; stop lying, I want to die on the inside.)
It was nice seeing you. (Was it? Then why when I messaged you/saw you 3months ago did you ignore me?)
How’s the family?
What have you got for lunch? (Uh…why does it matter?)

Some people call this being polite. I call it fake. If we were just honest and only said things when we meant them, life would be so much simpler. A little more brutal, yes, but simpler.

3. Street charities

This one might sound selfish, but there’s too much of it going on. I can’t stop and give money to every charity worker that stands in the street with a bucket. When I walk through the shopping center, there are hundreds of them, right down the middle, about 50 yards apart. Sometimes they move from the center and try to catch you as you attempt to go around them. You have to zig-zag your way through them. SO FUCKING Annoying.

I’m not a bad person and I do give to charity. I just don’t feel like having to list the charities I have given to every time they stop me, then explain why I won’t be giving anything to them.
I just smile and run away now.

4.Call Centre operators who can’t speak proper English.  When I call a “New Zealand” company that is marketed as being so “homegrown’ and “kiwi” I don’t want to talk to someone in Egypt.  I’m looking at you Vodafone you eggs.

So whats annoying you right now?   Let me know in the comments.


I’ve gone soft this week.

(I’ve been on fire with the photos lately – just my opinion 🙂 )


Maybe it’s the change of seasons, maybe it’s my amazing family,  but I’ve been feeling the love lately and let’s just say it shows. There’s nothing better than stumbling across something that immediately puts a smile on your face—especially in the middle of a busy (and sometimes majorly stressful) week. But now with achool holidays in full force it has been nice to sit back, take a breath, and enjoy the little things.


Favorite DIY
Mollie makes a Tasseled wall hanging.

Favorite “Aww”

Favorite Accessory
I am in now way a minimalist but I adore minimalist jewellery, this ring is gorgeous. This shop via Pinterest.

Favorite Post from last week:
I am ambitious, I am Successful, I am rich by I am Stellar.



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Marriage doesn’t change shit

Today is our third wedding anniversary so here for you I have some musings about Married Life.
I have seen people get married for all sorts of reasons and have expectations on how marriage will change the relationship, while I would agree on some level it did affect how I felt, on a practical level it didn’t change shit and was certainly not a cure for any issues within our partnership.

Things I have noticed in 3 years of being Married.

Being Respectful.
I take pride in our relationship, I’m proud of what we have and respect it immensely.   This pride and respect helps our marriage because when I am totally pissed at him, I still want to respect him and what we have.

They way people act.
I think perceptions of me are different, I am treated differently then single people my age – I still wanna go bar-hoping – no lie.  I think being married means that to single people I am officially a grown up.

All the feelings.
My feelings for him have not changed.   being married isn’t a magic spell that casts pure adoration over us.
It doesn’t erase fears or answer questions about whether or not this is the right move.

Marriage won’t change us.
Marriage hasn’t changed him. It will not make me more mature, more loyal, or better at housework.
Things are essentially as they were before we got married, I still rage at the way he leave UN-rinsed knives on the sink, and sticks aple stickers on things (seriously who does that).

However you and your partner treat each other before Marriage is how you will treat each other in a Marriage.


Check your attitude.
Attitudes about “grown-up” things like children, religion, how to spend money will not be affected by marriage. People don’t say vows and then immediately get on the same page about these issues- it requires tough conversations and work, work that is best done before you walk down the aisle.

It takes work.
Some people feel completely trapped once they’ve tied the knot, and it is much more complicated to get out of a marriage versus a cohabitation, you are never trapped. I am not an advocate for divorce, but rather an advocate for people making the choice, every day, to be in their marriage, rather than put up with their marriage.

Let me know what you think about marriage in the comments.   This could get interesting.



When Denim & Khaki Green Collide

I’m not one to prance around in bright colors, this spring I noticed a theme, I have been sticking to three basic color options that are classic –  denim, grey and khaki. Whether the denim comes in the form of light denim or a dark denim, it can look as feminine or masculine I’d like  And of course grey and denim are diehard classics that provide a neutral palette no matter what your personal style. Here are a few images I looked at on Pinterest for inspiration.


Denim jackets are the best because you can wear them with literally anything. They usually lend a casual vibe to any outfit, but they can also be dressed up a little bit. They’ll keep you warm without suffocating you, and they don’t cover up the rest of your cute outfit.

Always with a pop of color, love love love my salmon shoes.


K+k demin jacket light wash

The Denim jacket you see here was gifted to me by K+K, I got it in a 26. I have been shopping around for a denim jacket for a while, fit wise – I can do it up or wear it opens, the arms are slighty tighter then I would normally like but have extra stretch so I think they will loosen in time.  (available online and in store)
The Grey top is Kmart, it is oversized with a curved hem, which I really like.
Jeans are from Ezibuy, last season, I paid $35 on sale.  I don’t think they stock the Khaki Green anymore but they have a range of other colors.

khaki green plus size
You can check out my other outfit posts here.  Such as a spring dress, skinny jeans, and that time I shopped at Supre.

Thanks for stopping by, let me know what you think of my denim & khaki green outfit in the comments.