The Truth about Santa – Friday Favs

Hi guys welcome to another week.  I’m just gonna get stuck into it.

You know those people who tell small children the Santa isn’t real… efff those people.

Call me an idiot?  but I believe in letting young children have those magical moments, to support their incredible imaginations and hold on to that childhood innocence just as long as possible.  I believe in giving them something to look forward to, a sparkle in their eyes.  The truth will surface eventually.  And as an adults, there seem to be many truths we wish we didn’t know, many truths we wish we didn’t have to face.  Life can be hard.  I believe our intention as parents is to protect our children from some of the ugly truths of life while they are young. They will be adults soon enough.  For now, let them be children.  I understand why some parents choose to tell their children the truth about Santa but keep my kids out of it.

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Living well (Giveaway)

Confession: I have not been looking after my self as well as I should of late.

Second confession: I’m not here to make excuses,  I have a plan. (FYI: There’s a giveaway involved in this plan, if you wish, you can absolutely skip to the end of this post, no offense taken.…)


The thing is.

In the past, when I began to stop living well, I’d go through great measures to ask myself – in a most twitchy way – Whyyyyy?! Why am I not taking good care of myself?  Why am I so unhappy this morning?

How did I get here?

I’ve grown up (a little bit) and I know enough (a little bit) to realize the how doesn’t matter. Or the why.

What does? I do.

Here we are, then. What will I do about it?

I suppose in some ways I live the life of a extremist. It is both blessing and a curse. I am either self-controlled, tidy, organized, orderly, healthy and wise, or I am not. I can be full of patience, kindness, love, and then I have just as quickly lost the ship and am chucking shoes at a toddler as I rage dial for take-out. Zero or sixty.

Zero to sixty.

So here’s what my plan is.

Shifting small habits. Starting afresh. Trying again, failing apart, trying again and again and again.


Last week, I indulged in a daytime nap that nearly healed the entire depths of my soul. This morning, scootering with Jake. Today, I will eat a full, healthy, complete meal.

Care. I’m taking it.


One thing I can be sure of is there will be more ruts, more bad moods, more funks I can’t seem to shake.

I suppose those will be the days when I’m forced to surrender, when I’ll recognize my furrowed brow, my jilting tone, my short fuse and I’ll say to myself:

Here we are, then. What will I do about it?


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