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September 1, 2015

So after a shitty few weeks things seem to be coming right, this week has been all sorts of awesome and it’s only Tuesday night so WOO.

I am an eternal optimist, but when you are knocked down then get back up again, only to be knocked down again, get back up then knocked down AGAIN and Again (see what I mean).  That’s when things get all sad faced and crazy emotional.

Kind of like this image of my girly, me and her are similar in the fact that we totally show our emotions on our faces could not hide all the feels if we tried.
I couldn’t even tell you what was bothering her here, all I remember was lots of whinging noises and grumpy frowns

around here

alllyson gofton

The last 2 days I have had blogging related events on in Auckland town.  I really enjoyed today’s one which was a preview for the new home-wares range for The Warehouse, Allyson Gofton was there, and lots and lots of new home-wares. (you can check out a video I made there here)

A D V I C E .

This week we found out that my eldest sons teacher is moving to Turangi so he will have a new teacher.  I have been assured by Teachers and Parents alike that the new teacher is outstanding but it’s always a worry.  He is on the spectrum so change can cause problems.  The main problem we have with him currently is him being non-participatory, he is not a problem as such at school, he doesn’t cause problems, fight or disrupt the class – he is just so passive and won’t do anything.  This is so frustrating to me, do you have any advice?
(even if me or a teacher sat there beside him all day he still would never participate of his own accord, how do you help a kid like that?)

Back to other stuff..

Now about the weather!  How crazy was it this morning, I live on a main road and both the major intersections traffic lights were out constantly all day, lots of surface flooding.  Roll on Summer… The Sky Tower and The Auckland Harbor Bridge were very shy both days I saw them.


Anywho that’s me, feel free to share any pearls of wisdom you have for me in the comments x



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