Mornings like these.

It is Friday morning.

The weather is cool and the light is dull.

The big kids are at school..


The small one is sitting beside me.

I am feeling a bit deflated today, the school morning routine didn’t go smoothly. It normally runs like clockwork but this morning.   Nope.

I raged, and raging doesn’t make me feel good.

Jacob, of course, insists that he is busy.

As I watch him, it dawns on me that this day will get better.

I hope that they will recall mornings like this with a smile on their faces…and just laugh at their mental mother.

* * *


The weather affects my moods, the rain has been getting me down, it makes it hard to actually do anything and it is not food for me to be cooped up at home for too long.
My skin is flaring up, hormones probably.
My scalp is itchy and angry, pretty sure I’m allergic to an ingredient in the products my salon used.

What do you do to pick yourself up on mornings like these?

Today I went shopping with my kids….and guess what my husband said about my parenting skills

Today shopping with my kids, my husband arrived home from work and as I served them all up some Pizza Hut Pizza, I was telling him about our day and  how I took all 3 of my kids back to school shopping and shoe and jandal shopping at The Warehouse and I was so annoyed cos my kids feet stunk and all three of my kids were being uncooperative and irritating.

Jake wanted to jump on furniture and hide under clothes on racks
William wanted to not be there and to get on my already fragile nerves
Emily was contemplating how to hustle me into buying every Troll of Shopkins themed bag/pencil/cup/plate/towel/toy  (She wants all the things)


I was talking loudly at my kids (not yelling)   “just shut up and try them on” “sit still” “hurry up”


My husband inquired further asking “Were people looking at you like you were a bad mum?”


I replied “I’m at a point now where I don’t care what people think about my parenting”
His response
“You are not a bad Mum we just have bad kids!”
LOL he has a way with words..and knows how to make me feel more secure in my parenting skill.

10 Awesome Daily Quotes for January

If you have a internet connection I can guarantee that you have heard about positive daily quotes… and I have to admit that the thought of using them seem kinda… strange. I guess anything that’s new and different can feel like that.  I’m someone who can get caught up in thinking about things a certain way, or stressing hard, and I try to use awesome daily quotes to help get me out of that funk.

I use them when I’m getting minor anxiety and feel the need to talk myself out of it. I use them on days, when I want to set myself up for a good day.  ‘What you think is what you create’, a lot is out of my control but the mind can so powerful things.

A simple one to start with is “today is a great day”. You just say it to yourself as you go about your day. Or you might even like to state it out loud while looking in the mirror at the start of the day {there’s something about saying it out loud that really makes it so}.

I hope you find one of many in this gallery above to use in your own life. Feel free to print them out, recreate them or stick them up around your home.

Comment below if you have a favorite positive quote that you like use.


Living well (Giveaway)

Confession: I have not been looking after my self as well as I should of late.

Second confession: I’m not here to make excuses,  I have a plan. (FYI: There’s a giveaway involved in this plan, if you wish, you can absolutely skip to the end of this post, no offense taken.…)


The thing is.

In the past, when I began to stop living well, I’d go through great measures to ask myself – in a most twitchy way – Whyyyyy?! Why am I not taking good care of myself?  Why am I so unhappy this morning?

How did I get here?

I’ve grown up (a little bit) and I know enough (a little bit) to realize the how doesn’t matter. Or the why.

What does? I do.

Here we are, then. What will I do about it?

I suppose in some ways I live the life of a extremist. It is both blessing and a curse. I am either self-controlled, tidy, organized, orderly, healthy and wise, or I am not. I can be full of patience, kindness, love, and then I have just as quickly lost the ship and am chucking shoes at a toddler as I rage dial for take-out. Zero or sixty.

Zero to sixty.

So here’s what my plan is.

Shifting small habits. Starting afresh. Trying again, failing apart, trying again and again and again.


Last week, I indulged in a daytime nap that nearly healed the entire depths of my soul. This morning, scootering with Jake. Today, I will eat a full, healthy, complete meal.

Care. I’m taking it.


One thing I can be sure of is there will be more ruts, more bad moods, more funks I can’t seem to shake.

I suppose those will be the days when I’m forced to surrender, when I’ll recognize my furrowed brow, my jilting tone, my short fuse and I’ll say to myself:

Here we are, then. What will I do about it?


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