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June 3, 2016

Can you believe the official workweek is already over?  I must confess though I don’t really ever stop creating.  This week sure has flown by for me, and I am happily welcoming Friday after such a busy week. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m planning on spending some serious quality time with the fam this weekend, with a time to read all your blog posts in between. But before we go, here are a handful of things I’ve been loving this week…

Favorite submission from  last week:
This post from Brittney really stood out – get it giiiirl x

ever so britty friday favs


Favorite DIY Décor:
Framing large images can often be very pricey, but this tutorial certainly won’t break the bank.

Favorite Winter Ensemble:
This Chocolat Blouse was the perfect piece to add to my closet. (I will share the full post next week)


Favorite Treat for a cold day:
Get the recipe here

Favorite Laugh:
Love the cat videos all day, every day.



Welcome to Friday Favorites.
This is a linky collaboration which we have started in hope that it will help all of us “haven’t got time to read blogs any more” people to read a few more blogs – submit the best post of the week as chosen by the author.

friday favsSoooo… get your roller skates on and pop in on Friday evenings at 8pm to link up your BEST, VERY BEST, MOST AWESOMEST, MOST IMPORTANTEST, GOODEST POSSIBLE (or perhaps your only ha) post of the past week.
THANK YOU for joining us here for the Friday Favorites list.

Your hosts are  Lisasaurus, Happy Mum Happy Child and Teacher by trade Mother by nature.

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  1. Find a post you’ve loved this week
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Submissions open 7pm Friday!!



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