around here

Mornings like these.

February 17, 2017

It is Friday morning.

The weather is cool and the light is dull.

The big kids are at school..


The small one is sitting beside me.

I am feeling a bit deflated today, the school morning routine didn’t go smoothly. It normally runs like clockwork but this morning.   Nope.

I raged, and raging doesn’t make me feel good.

Jacob, of course, insists that he is busy.

As I watch him, it dawns on me that this day will get better.

I hope that they will recall mornings like this with a smile on their faces…and just laugh at their mental mother.

* * *


The weather affects my moods, the rain has been getting me down, it makes it hard to actually do anything and it is not food for me to be cooped up at home for too long.
My skin is flaring up, hormones probably.
My scalp is itchy and angry, pretty sure I’m allergic to an ingredient in the products my salon used.

What do you do to pick yourself up on mornings like these?



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